We pride ourselves on being a Co-op that operates with integrity.

Get to know Puerto Vallarta from knowledgeable locals guides who love PV + Vallarta Local Guides

Our Mission...

...is to allow visitors to see through the eyes of a local, and do things like a local.

We are committed to tease your taste buds and curiosity as we take you on tour to off-the beaten path streets, eateries, taco stands, and artisan shops in Puerto Vallarta and vicinities while capturing all fun moments with a camera: yours or ours. All our tours have a fun cultural twist that makes them a unique experience.

There are HUNDREDS of registered restaurants and taco stands in Puerto Vallarta, more often than not small a-hole-in-the-wall kind of places missed by visitors, our mission is to share with you the good spots locals enjoy, as well as other places that are an important part of our culture but are not talked about in an ordinary city tour.

Our mission includes promoting small local family businesses -that do what they do with love-, therefore, our routes will evolve constantly.

These families are hard working families, and it is part of our mission to do fair trading with them.

 Meet the Team

Our success is measured by visitors who choose to return again and again with us.

Former Senior Foodie Guides experienced in DESIGNING  & LEADING succesful tours for companies, felt they wanted to show more, to GIVE more,  came together as a Cooperative, so you can enjoy a tour given by generous locals.

Vallarta Food and Photo Tours. Vallarta Tours, Vallarta Local Guides Co Op


Foodie,  Photographer & Traveler

Hello, I´m in love with Mexico, I´ll share with you our yummy food and rich traditions, you´ll be able to see through the eyes of a friendly local who knows what -we- travelers are looking for.

Puerto Vallarta Cultural Walking Tours by Local Guides who love Vallarta


Foodie , Trained Chef & Crafter

To me the perfect tour is one where guests feel free to ask any questions and interact with locals creating memorable experiences. I´ll show you why Puerto Vallarta is amazing.

Puerto Vallarta Cultural Walking Tours by Local Guides who love Vallarta


Foodie & Professional Traveler

Hola! I love my country and I love traveling to get to know new cultures so when you visit my country I will be extremely happy and proud of sharing our folklore, culture and delicious food.

Puerto Vallarta Cultural Walking Tours by Local Guides who love Vallarta


Future Team Member

If you are a friendly person with core values, who loves Mexico, belives that PVR is an amazing place to live and would love to share it with the world, then contact us. We want to meet you and make you part of the team.

Together we have guided more than more than 7.5k visitors on tours