Photo Tours, PhotoWalks and Private Photoshoots in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico by 
Estrellita Velasco, aka Star The Food Tour Guide.
Tours by Star.


Estrellita better known as Star, is a local architect who decided to take a break, began leading tours with the #1 food tour operator in town and after guiding more than 3.5 K people in Food Tours in Puerto Vallarta it became clear that she absolutely loves sharing not only food spots but her heritage with visitors.

She has now decided to expand on the experience visitors have when they come to Vallarta by offering a one-of-a-kind experience, a blend of culture, food, fun facts and making photography easy and accesible to everyone, regardless of equipment used, she thought: everyone has a smartphone nowadays, why not show people how to improve their vacation and food photos, so they´ll have captures to cherish forever with family and friends.

She´s specialized in vacation & travel photography: following families and friends during their vacations, special events, honeymoon, etc, capturing their joy forever in professional photos.

Star enjoys traveling through Mexico, learning about the rich mexican heritage and history as well as snapping photos to later share with the world. Follow her on Instagram.

Many elements of Mexican Culture have been declared to be Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO, one of those elements is Mexican Cuisine, just another -of many- reason why she loves leading  food tours.

When she´s not doing the above she volunteers at Los Mangos Library (a non-profit organization) and has also commited to cover the Fund Raising Events for local non-for-profit organizations during high season 2017-2018, the busiest time for them.

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