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Estrellita Velasco, aka Star The Food Tour Guide.
Tours by Star.


Hi, I´m Estrellita also known as Star, I´m an architect who decided to take a break from a stressing job, began leading tours with the #1 food tour operator in town and after leading more than 3.5 K people on food tours in Puerto Vallarta it became clear that I want to keep on leading tours.

For me, it was always more than only sharing food spots, I always gave them a cultural twist. On each outing I set my mind on opening a window for all of you to see how we live and carry our traditions. By your comments after the tour was over and thanks to all your 5 star positive reviews it was crystal clear that the cultural twist was something unexpected, and that was exactly what had enriched the tour in a way that made it the highlight of your trip.

So I decided to expand on the experience you can have when coming to PV by creating a Local Guides Co-operative and Vallarta Photo Tours: Walking Tours with your very own Vacation Photographer & Foodie.

It´s in this way that me and my fellow partners can offer one-of-a-kind experiences: a blend of culture, food, fun facts, Mexican distillates, and photos of your trip.

As independent local guides we have all the freedom to tailor tours according to your interests.


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