What happens if I arrive late?

◊    Be punctual! If you are 15 minutes early you are on time. If you arrive on time, you are already late.

◊    Please arrive 15 minutes early at the meet-up / photo shoot location. Please have in mind that time runs as scheduled and there are other guests taking the City Photo Shoot Tour.

◊    If you arrive late without notifying us you will be considered a no-show and the full City Photo Shoot Tour fee will be charged. If you notified us about arriving late, please consider that your photographer won´t stay longer at any of the stops to wait for you and your party. Whenever possible your photographer will let you know about where to meet the group but will not take the time to look for you and your party if you are late or lost.

◊    When you arrive late, all time that has passed will be forfeited and you may do the City Photo Shoot Tour for the remaining time.

◊    If you arrive late and wish to extend the photoshoot and if your Photographer is available to stay longer, the extra waiting time will be charged at a rate of $60 USD per hour on top of our fee for an extended session of $150 USD per hour.

◊    Extended session time is charged at $150 USD per hour, applicable if you would like to purchase more time and given that your Photographer is available.

Are there extra fees for transportation or entrance to venues?

◊    Cost of transportation for you and your party to the meet-up location is not included.

◊    There is no charge at the places selected for this City Photo Shoot Tour, but if during the tour all guests decide to enter a place that has an entrance fee, then you are responsible for any additional entrance fees, any paid activities or services (for example, park entrance fee, rides, boat, tours, taxi, bus, parking, restaurants, etc) required for you and the photographer(s).

What is your canceling policy?

If you cancel 7 days in advance, no worries. We will issue a full refund for your booking excluding any transaction or conversion fee.

If you cancel past that time frame you will be charged 100% of your deposit and the remaining will be refunded excluding any transaction or conversion fee.

If you are rescheduling with less than 7 days in advance, we will do our best to assign you to the next City Photo Shoot Tour.If we are unable to find a time and date, we will issue a full refund excluding any transaction or conversion fees.

What´s your copyright policy?

◊    You will share a perpetual non-exclusive personal-use license of the images. No worries, we will never transfer copyright to those images to third-parties nor will we use them without your prior consent.

◊    You are not allowed to use the image(s) in any way in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any kind of remuneration. This includes but is not limited to use the images in advertising, they cannot be resold, re-licensed or sub-licensed.

◊    You are not allowed to alter in anyway the images nor do adaptations of any kind but are free to do all the prints you´d like.

◊    Your Photographer retains copyright on all images.

◊    Vallarta Photo Tours or the Photographer might use the images for self-promotion on the Website, social media, outlets, magazines, etc. Again, no worries, we will never transfer copyright to those images to third-parties nor we will use them without your prior consent.

◊    You agree to abide by all copyright notices and other restrictions contained in the Website.

What about indemnity?

When you book and use our services you acknowledge that: a) We are not liable for any death or injury to any person or loss or damage to property arising from: (1) The use of Vallarta Photographers Website or Services; (2) Your attendance at the Photo Shoot or travel to or from the Photo Shoot; (3) Any act or omission (including negligent acts or omissions) of us, our employees, agents, Photographers and Third Parties.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions Policy. Click here.