What is a Food & Photo Tour?

It´s a fun activity where a group of foodies and photography enthusiasts gather to go out and take photos during a walk through eateries nad taco stands in the city.

If you have taken a food tour or a photo walk before you know how much fun it is to be with like-minded people who will not mind staying more than 5 mins at the same spot until everyone gets the perfect shot.

Why take a Food & Photo Tour?

When being around more foodies and photographers either pro or amateur you learn lots from their personal experiences.

◊    Many things are achieved when taking a food photo tour:

◊    You´ll bring great memories back home.

◊   You´ll sample finger licking eats.

◊    Increase your portfolio.

◊    You will make friends who are passionate about food  and photography.

◊    It´s a great way to get to know Puerto Vallarta and local eateries.

◊    Someone else has already taken care of all the planning so you can efficiently use your time in the city.

◊    You´ll enjoy of routes that have been planned and crafted ahead of time having in mind places, tasty food and drinks, people and activities of interest. The time of the day when all our Food PhotoTours will happen has been planned so you´ll get the most out of the light available.

◊    You will experience food, photography & Mexican culture at the same time by the hand of a friendly local.

◊    You can exchange ideas and knowledge with like-minded people.

Who guides the Food & Photo Tours?

Your tour guide is a local professional photographer who loves Mexican history and culture. She´s also a foodie and has led more than 3.5 K people on Food Tours here in Vallarta. All in all she´ll ensure you enjoy this one-of-a-kind food/photography experience.

Where will I go?

You´ll be taken –depending on the route you chose- to both iconic as well as off the beaten path places. The routes have been planned in order to get you to places where you´ll savour good food and take great shots at the best times possible.

What kind of shots can I get during these Food & Photo Tours?

There is a wide variety of choices, from landscapes, wild life, street, people, architecture, etc. It all depends on which photo-walk you choose. Every photo-walk has a description on what you can expect to shoot. And of course, shots of your food and drinks.

Who should take a Food & Photo Tour?

All foodies and/or anyone interested in photography: rookies and pros, bloggers, general public, people who would like to make the most of their stay in the city.

Solo travelers, families, group of friends and incentive groups are welcome.

I´m new to photography, Can I take a Food & Photo Tour?


Our Food & Photo Tours are for everyone.

If you are new to photography this will be a great opportunity to learn from your peers.

Is it only for seasoned photographers?


Everyone is welcome regardless of expertise.

Bring anything that will take photos: smartphones, point and shoot camera, Ipad, DSLR, etc.

Please note that basic knowledge on how to use your DSLR is required. If you bring something different from a DSLR camera you will enjoy learning composition rules.

What can I expect and what will I learn?

First and foremost you will Experience Mexican Food and Culture through Photography while having yummy eats and a fun time with a Local Photographer/Foodie.

When being around more photographers either pro or amateur expect to learn lots from their personal experiences.

If you are a rookie: You will learn some of the basic rules of composition. We have selected a list the top ten rules to get you started on taking amazing photos.

If you are a pro: You will get to practice, get to know new places, meet like-minded people, all of these while having fun and experiencing Mexican culture.

Everyone will discover places where you might want to come back later and try more shots. Forget about guessing where to go and what times are best or how to get there, we have already taken care of that.

Foodies will know taste bud inspiring  places where to later come back.

How many people are there per group?

To ensure the best experience for our guests we limit our groups to 6-7 people.

Can I take a Food & Photo Tour if I don´t have professional photography gear?


◊    You can bring any device that takes photos: DSLR, point and shoot, bridge, IPad, smartphone, etc. and learn composition rules that will improve your photos right away.

◊    If you bring a DSLR your tour guide will help you understand how to take advantage of the manual mode by explaining the exposition triangle. Please note that since there are many cameras available in the market, it is important that you know your camera menus or bring your manual with you.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Any of the following: DSLR camera, point and shoot camera, smartphone with camera, iPad or any other device that will capture images.

Beside my camera and gear, what else do I need to bring?

◊   Good appetite.

◊    Comfortable shoes, our cobble-stoned streets are better walked in comfy shoes with non-slip soles. Flip flops will get you tired quickly and you also need to protect your feet.

◊    Sunscreen and a hat.

◊    Tripod and filters are optional but a plus if you take the ¨Yelapa Rural Town and Waterfalls¨ Photo Tour.

◊    Pocket change should you want to buy something along the way. Any transportation cost is not included and we will take a bus in a couple of our Photo Tours. In some cases we will stop for food and drinks and these costs are not included. Bringing pesos for these expenses is desirable because you will get a better exchange rate at a bank or ATM.

◊    When rain is a possibility consider bringing a rain coat or rain poncho. Also a dry bag for all your equipment.

◊    Bug repellent if you are taking a tour during July, August & September.

What is an appropriate compensation for my Photo Walk leader?

Tips in our city go from 10% to 15% of the cost of your Tour.

Can children come along?

Only 13 year olds and up.

However, you can book for a private tour, please drop us a line at: hola.photographers @gmail.com

I´m on a wheelchair, can I join a Photo Tour?

Sorry, not yet.

The city is improving some neighborhoods to make them accesible to wheelchairs, however they are not there yet.

We can custom-tailor a Photo Tour for your special needs only along the boardwalk. Please write us an email to: hola.photographers@gmail.com