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Vallarta Food and Photo Tours, Cultural Walking Tours Puerto Vallarta


Because every trip has a story...

We send a few photos of you and your party as a courtesy after each tour.

These are examples of what you get. All courtesy images carry our watermark, and your set includes 7 to 14  JPEGs.

You can also purchase them without the watermark.  The best part is that you preview before deciding to buy them.

The cost per set is $30 USD per party.

*Please note that images taken in our City Photo Shoot Tours are included in the cost of the tour.

Get to know Puerto Vallarta from knowledgeable locals who love PV

¨adventures together last a lifetime¨

¨travel does the heart good¨

¨every trip has a story¨

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capture the beauty of life...

All courtesy photos are taken as we go along visiting different places (shops, art galleries, parks, landmarks, taco stands, restaurants, bars, etc), they might include close ups of your food, shots of you interacting with locals, street shots, locals, street performers, individidual photos, photos from our stock, photos of everyone in your party, etc.

frequently asked questions

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