Welcome to our website.

In Vallarta Photo Tours we believe that is everyone´s responsability to work towards a better society hence we are happy to help you with what we know how to do: photography.

From December to April we´ll offer our services pro bono to elegible non-for-profit organizations. All you have to do is fill out the form below.

We have a limited amount of dates available and this pro bono service will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

What you get without a cost:

  • A 2 hour photoshoot at your event.
  • Up to 30 high resolution JPEGs (watermarked) that you can use in all your social media outlets and website.
  • 10 of them will be delivered during the event should you want to use them right away.
  • The remaining 20 will be delivery will be within the next 48 hours.

What you can add:

  • Printed photos for your guests, you can give them away for free or ask for a donation
    Shoul you want to add printed photos, all you pay is the cost of printing materials.

Only requests that are made at least 10 days in advance of your event will be taken into consideration.

We´ll be excited to help you during your fundraising event with what we love to do.



Estrellita V. Star